European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

ESTIF – The Voice of Solar Thermal in Europe.

The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) represents around 100 members consisting of manufacturers, service providers and national associations, which together cover 95% of today’s solar thermal market.

Our mission is to achieve high priority and acceptance for solar thermal as a key element of sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and to work for the implementation of all steps necessary to realise the high potential of solar thermal and to achieve a 50% solar thermal share of the European heat demand in 2050.

As part of its mission ESTIF also supports Research and Development activities through the co-ordination of the European Renewable Heating and Cooling Technology Platform.

Currently, over 30 000 people are already employed in the European solar thermal sector and the great potential of solar thermal is reflected in the creation of new job opportunities in the manufacturing and installation of solar thermal collectors in Europe.

Key activities of ESTIF

  • Representing the sector at European level
  • Promoting Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling in Europe to achieve the target of 1 m2 of collector area for every European in 2020
  • Shaping policies and contributing to the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive at national level
  • Opening markets for solar thermal products and services
  • Organising public campaigns and major solar thermal events like the European Solar Days or the biennial European Solar Thermal Energy Conference

Become a Member

Join ESTIF and become part of the voice that speaks for you in Europe. Choose the membership which suits your organisation best and take an active role in the future of solar thermal in Europe.

10 Excellent reasons to join ESTIF

1.Take advantage of the key solar thermal network in Europe
2.Gain privileged access to ESTIF market information and data
3.Strengthen the voice of solar thermalvis-à-vis the European institutions
4.Increase your visibility through a free web link on ESTIF’s homepage
5.Get discounts on ESTIF events and publications
6.Influence European policies to increase the share of solar thermal energy
7.Benefit from first hand information on standards and certification, as well as direct access to CEN
8.Get support from ESTIF staff when dealing with EU institutions
9.Stay informed with ESTIF’s regular newsletter covering solar thermal in Europe
10.ESTIF is already working for you - Join ESTIF today and gain even more benefits.

Contact details

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF)
Renewable Energy House
Rue d' Arlon 63-67
B-1040 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 546 19 38
Fax: +32 2 546 19 39


Types of Solar jobs

Solar installers
Building integration
PV installers
PV engineering
Solar Systems Design
Solar Water
Solar Power project managers
Solar Technicians
Solar Power project managers
Solar Installers
Solar Fabrication Technician
Solar Lab Technician
Solar Hot Water Heater Manufacturing Technician
PV Fabrication and Testing Technician
Solar Energy System Installer
Solar and PV Installation: Roofer
Solar Residential Installation Electrician
Solar Commercial Installation Electrician
Engineering Technician
Solar Energy Systems Designer
Solar Thermoelectric Plant Manager
Solar Operations Engineer
PV Solar Cell Designer
Solar Energy Engineer
PV Power Systems Engineer
Residential/Commercial Solar Sales Consultant

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